I created illustrations for Lawrence Giffin’s book Christian Name
Click through the image to see a sample of his poetry and visit the site of Ugly Duckling Presse.

GONZO Article

GONZO Article

Here is an article/interview with me from the Dutch magazine Gonzo (circus) which cover “New Music and Art”.

“Mirage Course” at Outpost, Amsterdam

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I had the opportunity to show work in Outpost, an artist-run gallery in Amsterdam, NL. Much of the work was created during my residency at VCUQ which has just come to an end, bringing the work into a new space and completely different atmosphere has been a great way to see the work for the first time again. I created an installation using found materials and drypoint bleed prints specifically for this unique space.

Msheireb Sound Project

The Msheireb Arts Centre houses a archive project composed of materials and items collected from several city blocks of Old Doha which have been demolished for a future urban center. These items are contained within a former girls academy, which itself is a relic of Doha’s past, having closed its doors in the late nineties with all the classroom materials still inside. From this collection I have used 4 P.A. system tape players to play and record and assemblage of handmade cassette tape loops created from tapes found and collected in Doha, Qatar.
Cassette tape is a unique material in its ability to record over existing material, a method I usually employ in my music projects to control the sounds that I create and then layer. In interest in collaborating with the Msheireb Arts Centre project of archiving and documenting, I created the loops from several found tapes from around the city of Doha. The handmade loops were then played through the former school’s worn out tape players, in a chorus of several different sources, to evoke the layers of history that this area holds. As the Msheireb area is developed into a futuristic urban center, I point to the simple technological developments that changed the culture of Qatar only several decades ago. The ephemeral quality of cassettes, the distorted nature of the loop tapes, birds chirping and general the ambient sound of the open-air corridors of the school, work together to capture a nostalgic and fragmented picture of this site’s sonic past.


Grid Oasis

“Mirage Series” 3″ etchings

11″ stretched etchings

“Our First Time in the Gulf” AiR VCUQ Exhibit

Click through the photo for a link to the tumblr for this exhibit. Will be posting more as the installation begins, and events related to the show.